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All Three Provincial Governments in Our Consular District Extend Chinese New Year Wishes to Local Chinese Communities Respectively

On the Occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Premier Zille of the Western Cape Province , Premier Masualle of the Eastern Cape Province, and Premier Lucas of the Northern Cape Province have respectively sent congratulatory messages to local Chinese Communities.

Premier Zille, on behalf of the Western Cape Government and the people of the Western Cape, wishes the Chinese community in the Western Cape Province a happy and prosperous New Year. She hopes the Chinese Community will remain energetic and enthusiastic in the coming New Year, even when faced with the challenges of life as they arise. She reflects on achievements of the two sides and hopes the relationship between the Western Cape Province and the Chinese side will be strengthened further. She also acknowledges the contribution the local Chinese community makes in socio-economic assistance to the vulnerable in the province and looks forward to the kindness continuing over the coming year.

Premier Musualle, on behalf of the Eastern Cape Government and the people of the Eastern Cape, extends New Year greetings and wishes to the Government and the People of China. He speaks highly of economic and social achievements China has got and promises that the Eastern Cape will continuously value and improve the mutual relationship between the two sides. He commends the local Chinese Community for the immense contribution they make to the province and South Africa.

Premier Lucas, on behalf of the Northern Cape Government and the people of the Northern Cape, extends Chinese New Year wishes to the local Chinese Community and wishes the coming year an auspicious, meaningful and prosperous year for each citizen of China.

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