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Chinese premier's Egypt visit boosts civilization dialogue, friendly cooperation: FM

 BEIJING, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Egypt and his attendance to a FOCAC meeting from Friday to Sunday have promoted civilization dialogue and China-Africa friendly cooperation, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Monday.

    During the visit, Wen participated in the opening ceremony of the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) held in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Yang, who accompanied Wen during the trip, said the current world is experiencing tremendous development, transformation and restructuring, adding the international financial crisis is a critical challenge facing the developing countries, including African and Arab nations.

    Yang said China is the biggest developing country in the world, which takes it the cornerstone of its foreign policy to strengthen and develop its solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries.

    China remains committed to boosting the friendly cooperation with African and Arab countries and safeguarding their common interests, so as to realize common development, he added.

    This year would see the wrap-up of the 2006 Beijing Summit of the FOCAC, and is the 10th anniversary of China-Egypt strategic cooperative ties, Yang said.

    Premier Wen's visit shows China attaches great importance to its relations with Africa, the Arab world and Egypt, and reflects China's wish and determination to deepen its cooperation with African and Arab countries and to work together to overcome the current difficulties, he added.


    The Chinese foreign minister said China and Africa have all along understood, supported and helped each other.

    Premier Wen, at the opening ceremony of the FOCAC ministerial meeting, comprehensively reviewed the new progress achieved after the Beijing Summit, and explained that the China-Africa cooperation is equal, mutually beneficial and down-to-earth by citing lots of facts and figures.

 He said the China-Africa ties have always been able to stand the test of changes on the international arena, and have maintained the strong momentum of development.

    Wen announced eight new measures to boost cooperation with Africa, mainly in agriculture, environmental protection, promotion of investment, debt relief, market access expansion, climate change, medical affairs and education.

    Yang said Premier Wen also held meetings with many African leaders, and reached a variety of new consensus with them on promoting bilateral and China-Africa cooperation.

The African leaders reiterated that they would continue to support China's core interests, and would coordinate and cooperate with China on major international issues.

    Wen said China is willing to support African countries in realizing their stability and development.


    The friendly cooperation between China and Arabic countries has been greatly enhanced over the recent years, Yang said.

    Premier Wen met Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa at the league's headquarters in Cairo and delivered an important speech titled "Respect the Diversity of Civilizations," he said.

In the speech, Wen said that dialogue, exchanges and integration among different civilizations form the powerful current of human civilization, surging ahead ceaselessly, according to Yang.

    The ever expanding and deepening exchanges between China and the Arab world have not only enhanced their respective cultural prosperity and economic development, but also promoted interactions between the Eastern and Western civilizations, Wen said.

    China and Arabic countries should strengthen political mutual trust, enhance strategic cooperation and contribute to safeguarding peace and stability, Wen said.

    He added that they should also step up trade and economic cooperation in a bid to achieve mutual benefits and create double-wins, and promote cultural exchanges so as to strengthen mutual trust and friendship.

    Wen reiterated that China will continue to play a constructive role in seeking a comprehensive, just and sustainable solution to the Middle East issue and helping to achieve peace, safety and stability in the region.

    Wen's speech has been warmly received and struck a chord in the Arab world, said Yang.

    The Arab countries expressed their willingness to strengthen all-round cooperation with China, and work together with China to contribute to promoting world and regional peace, stability and development. They also reaffirmed support for China's national unity and territorial integrity, Yang said.


    Regarding China-Egypt relations, the Chinese foreign minister said that Premier Wen's trip has yielded fruitful results and laid a solid foundation to further friendly cooperation between China and Egypt.

    Egypt, as a major country both in the African continent and the Middle East region, carries great weight on both areas, Yang said.

During his trip, the Chinese premier met separately with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Prime Minister Ahmed Nazef, he said.

    Both sides agreed to keep high-level visits and continue to enhance cooperation in fields of trade, infrastructure, energy, finance, culture and climate change so as to contribute more to world's harmony and sustainable development.


    On cultural perspective, Yang said the Chinese premier values his communication with the media and people in the country he visits.

    Wen attended the press conference on the sidelines of this year's forum meeting and expounded China's diplomatic principles and foreign policies toward Africa, which Yang said told of the facts, enhanced understandings and cleaned up questions.

    At the press conference, Wen noted that China offered its aid to Africa without any political conditions, Yang said.

    Wen's easy-going style has brought China and Africa closer, and deepened understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Egyptian people, Yang added, expressing confidence for bright future on China-Egypt, China-Arab and China-Africa relations.

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