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Chinese President urges women to make more contributions

BEIJING, March 7 (Xinhua) -- President Hu Jintao on Sunday urged the Chinese women to contribute more to the country's development and modernization on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the International Women's Day.

Addressing a gathering marking at  the event the Great Hall of the People, Hu said Party committees and governments at all levels should resolutely carry out the basic state policy of equality between men and women, eliminate discrimination against women, and crack down on violations of women's rights in light with law.

Hu stressed that women's equal rights of political participation, equal participation in economic and social development, and equal access to benefits brought by economic development must be protected.

Noting that the Chinese women have made great contributions in process of building the New China and realizing the Chinese nation's rejuvenation, Hu also called on the women to play a bigger role in carrying forward the country's modernization drive.

Hu expressed his festival greetings to the women and extended thanks to international organizations and friends for their support to the development of the Chinese women's undertakings.

Other Chinese leaders including top legislator Wu Bangguo and Premier Wen Jiabao also attended the gathering.


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