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Xinhua News Agency launches global English TV service

BEIJING, April 30 (Xinhua) -- Xinhua News Agency will launch a 24-hour, global English TV service that will be broadcast via satellites, cable systems, the Internet and cell phones.

The English TV service will be produced by China Network Corporation (CNC), which is affiliated to Xinhua.

On Friday, a ceremony was held in Beijing to mark the start of a trial broadcast scheduled for Saturday. After a trial operation of two months, the English service will be officially launched July 1.

Viewers can tune into CNC English programs via Asia-Pacific Satellite-6 at 134 degrees east longitude, with parameters set as "6065MHz/3840MHz."

CNC, backed by the domestic and overseas Xinhua correspondents network, would quickly respond to major news events home and abroad, and provide objective, comprehensive, in-depth and multi-dimensional news analysis, Xinhua President Li Congjun said at the ceremony.

"CNC will offer an alternative source of information for a global audience and aims to promote peace and development by interpreting the world in a global perspective," Li said.

CNC's programs include World News, China Report, Business News, Lifestyles, and news magazine programs, such as China View and Click On Today, as well as feature programs such as World Perspective and Global Visitors.

In the first edition of China View, a daily English news magazine program, a team of professional reporters and editors will offer a broad view of issues across the country and in-depth interviews about major issues relating to China of interest to people around the world.

The TV service will also have up-to-the-moment weather information provided by the China Meteorological Administration.

CNC's Chinese TV service and its global news channel started broadcasts to the Asia-Pacific and some European areas in January. It can also be received via China Mobile and China Telecom services and on

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