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Chinese referee to judge World Cup

2010/06/06By Liu Shanshan (

China will actually make it to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa after all, but as a game referee.

Referee Mu Yuxin will be the only Chinese person to take to the field in this year's tournament and only the second referee to judge a World Cup after the once-renowned Lu Jun.

Mu was appointed an assistant referee to officiate the tournament, according to a list released by FIFA on Tuesday morning, helping to ease fans' wounds after they missed out on the worldwide soccer gala.

A rumor that Mu may be disqualified from the tournament swirled in March when China's wide-ranging crackdown on corruption in football had expanded to renowned referees such as Lu Jun.

But Mu, refuting the rumors, said he would defend Chinese soccer's glory by judging fair and square. "Not every referee behaves like a 'black whistle' cheating on the pitch. I am confident to officiate at the South Africa game."

South Korean player Ahn Jung-hwan, a foreign aid playing for Dalian Club in China's Super League and Mauricio Sabillón from Honduras who currently plays for Zhejiang Club will play for their national team in World Cup.

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