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Chinese vice premier solicits expert opinions on health care reform

BEIJING, July 3 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang on Friday solicited opinions from ten medical experts on the ongoing health care reform during a discussion in Beijing.

The experts, including medical professors and hospital presidents, offered advice on some of the top issues in health care reform such as the reform of state-owned hospitals, the establishment of health care service networks at different administrative levels, and the fostering of general practitioners.

Li, in charge of the national reform of the health care system, urged medical and health care professionals to fully play their role as the backbone of the reform, according to a statement released late Friday.

China launched its massive health care reform last year, which seeks to provide adequate and affordable health care services to all. The State Council, or Cabinet, issued a circular in April detailing specific goals and steps for future reform.

Li said more investment and human resources are needed to support health care service providers at grass-roots level to improve the service, a key task and challenge in the reform.

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