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President stresses economic restructuring, agricultural production while visiting Henan province

LUOYANG, July 11 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao has stressed economic restructuring, agricultural production and the role of grass-root party organizations during his visit to the city of Luoyang in central Henan province.

Hu visited state-owned enterprises, research institutes and talked with local farmers during this trip from Friday through Sunday.

At Citic Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of mining machinery in China, Hu learned that the company had shifted focus from manufacturing to research and development. He said innovation is the lifeblood of a company.

He also visited a tractor manufacturing plant and a bearing producing company, both enjoying rapid growth thanks to restructuring. Hu asked officials at the two companies to continue with their restructuring and their ongoing expansion through innovation.

Hu also visited two research institutes. At China Aviation Lithium Battery Research and Development Center, Hu asked the center to seize the opportunity as the new energy industry is booming and the market demand for lithium batteries is expanding.

At another research institute, Hu stressed the role of talent in scientific and technological research.

Hu also urged the province to to do a good job in agricultural production this year, as Henan contributes the largest share of crops in China.

Hu urged village-level party organizations to serve the interests of farmers while visiting a local village.

Hu visited farmers at a corn field and asked about the yields and price of corn. Hu told farmers that supporting grain production is a long-term policy and the state will again boost such support in the future so farmers can earn more and increase their wealth by planting grain.

Hu said China would continue to give priority to the development of rural areas, agriculture and farmers during the 12th five year plan, China's development blueprint for the next five years.

Hu noted that China's grain yields have increased for 6 consecutive years, and this year the summer yield of grain is another good harvest, despite earlier bad weather.

Hu said, however, that Henan, as China's bowl of grain, should take on the responsibility to safeguard the nation's food security and enhance its agricultural production capacity.

While visiting a local village, Zhouli village of Mengjin county, Hu requested village-level party organizations to work for the interests of farmers.

Hu added that the party organization plays a critical role in improving the standards of living for farmers.

Zhouli village was relocated to its present site to make way for a water conservation project in the Yellow River in 1995. Since then, the per capita annual income of local farmers rose from 680 yuan (100 U.S.Dollar) to its current 4,950 yuan now, and farmers now have access to running water, cable TV as well as other public services.

Hu said the government would continue providing favorable policies to farmers so they might lead better lives.

At the end of his visit, Hu urged continuing efforts to transform the economic growth pattern, adjust the economic structure, increase the amount of indigenous innovation, continue to promote energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection as well as reform and opening up.

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