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Overseas Chinese youths urged to serve as communicators between cultures

BEIJING, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Sunday called on overseas Chinese youths participating in a "root-seeking tour" to carry on the traditions of their ancestors, feed their mind with spiritual nutrition from the Chinese history and culture, and become communicators between cultures.

Xi told more than 6,000 overseas Chinese youths from 51 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, that they should become active promoters of cultural exchanges.

Xi encouraged the youths to actively participate in various forms of cultural exchange activities, let more people know about the rich Chinese culture, and become "civilian ambassadors" between China and the places they live in.

Xi made the call in a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the "2010 Chinese Root-Seeking Tour" summer camp held at the Great Hall of the People.

Xi said that overseas Chinese coming back to China to seek their roots show that they have a strong "sense of closeness" toward their ancestral home, and understand that their blood is Chinese and they are willing to carry on the Chinese culture that has lasted thousands of years.

"The Chinese culture is the only one of the world's ancient civilizations that continuously lasted 5,000 years. The unique cultural traditions are the common wealth of all the Chinese at home and abroad," he said.

Xi stressed that China would always adhere to the road of "development, peace and cooperation" and make greater contributions to the progress of mankind's civilization.

Since 1999, six sessions of the "Chinese Root-Seeking Tour" summer camp have been held by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Chinese Overseas Exchange Association. During the following three days, camp members will visit historical sites and scenic spots in Beijing and have a get-together with their local peers.  

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