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Expo visitors exceed 35 million

About 310,700 visitors packed the Expo site as of 7pm yesterday, bringing the total number of Expo visitors to 35.23 million so far.

Yesterday was Shanghai's hottest day this year with temperature soaring to 38.6 degrees Celsius.

Among yesterday's visitors, 81,400 came in tour groups and 36,500 were local residents who used complimentary tickets offered by the Shanghai government.

A total 58,615 tickets were sold at the gates, 26,995 of them for evening visit.

As of 6pm, 55,000 visitors had passed through Houtan entrance, compared with 47,000 at Shangnan Road entrance, 52,000 at Changqing Road entrance and 40,000 at Gaoke Road entrance.

As many as 71 stage shows were performed at Expo venues yesterday, attracting 43,600 spectators. Some 8,200 volunteers worked on the site.

Five health clinics on the site had treated 393 visitors by 4pm. Twenty-nine of them suffered minor injuries while 63 suffered heat strokes.

The Expo Organizer expects some 100,000 group visitors today.

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