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Foreign diplomats hail Chinese six-decade int'l aid

BEIJING, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Foreign diplomats here on Monday spoke highly of China's six decades of aid to foreign countries, as an exhibition was held in capital to commemorate China's international aid efforts.

The exhibition, which was launched on Aug. 12, showcases the country's international aid efforts in areas such as infrastructure, agriculture, medical treatment, industrial development, environmental protection, culture and education. It attracted more than 100 foreign diplomats Monday morning.

"It's very impressive to see that China has actually given overseas development aid with so many countries for such a long time," said Rob Anderson, first secretary of Holland's Embassy to China.

Since the 1950s, China has provided assistance to more than 160 countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Latin America and the South Pacific Region, helping them construct almost 2,000 projects to improve local people's lives. Also, China has trained about 100,000 foreign officers and professionals.

China has offered for over 60 years assistance to other developing countries around the world, building peace and understanding across borders and helping the less fortunate meet their basic needs, said Renata Lok Dessallien, UN Resident Coordinator in China.

Citing the project of the Tanzania-Zambia railway (TAZARA), which was built in the 1970s with the assistance from China, Ann Herbert, director of the International Labor Office for China and Mongolia, said achievements made in the construction of the railway were remarkable as the project underwent many difficulties caused by formidable natural conditions.

"The spirit expressed in the construction of the TAZARA is still radiating to Africa. China has the right be proud for these kinds of cooperation and support for Africa. Tanzania is proud to be a lasting friend of China," said Tanzanian Ambassador to China Omar R. Mapuri after viewing the exhibition.

"Indonesia benefits from such cooperation and looks forward to working closely with China to enable our two peoples and nations to nurture a very mature relationship," said Indonesian Ambassador to China Imron Cotan.

The five-day exhibition has been jointly held by 28 ministries and organizations, including the ministries of commerce, foreign affairs and finance.

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