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CPC proposed guidelines posing grand blueprint for China's scientific development

November 03, 2010  By People's Daily Online In the contemporary China, to take scientific development as the theme of the era is to heed the call of the times, and it is meant to take the scientific outlook on development through vigorous endeavors for the reform, opening-up and modernization in all aspects.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) proposed guideless for mapping out a blueprint forChina's development for the next five years at the 5th Plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee held on October, saying that the transformation of economic growth mode should be the priority.

The motto that "development is the overriding principle" the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping laid down in 1992 has been translated to the new thesis that "scientific development is the overriding principle"; this transfer shows that CPC's awareness of the development is more incisive, more inclusive and more compliant with China's specific national conditions. And it also reflects the new political consensus the Party Central Committee has reached and evolves the nation's self-transcendence.

The "proposal" has set forth a grand scientific development blueprint for 1.3 billion people inChina to unfold on its land with 9.6 million sq km in the next five years. It listed the ensuing goals to fulfill in five areas, namely, a stable and fairly rapid economic growth; a marked progress in strategic economic restructuring, an overall faster increase in the income for urban and rural residents, a marked strengthening of social development, and the in-depth growth of reform and opening up. So, it is cited as China's five major blueprints over the next five years.

For an economic growth blueprint, it is meant to keep macroeconomic stability, upgrade the quality and efficiency of economic growth remarkably, create the world's biggest growth in employment and accelerate the transfer of agricultural labor productivity. Moreover, efforts would be made for strategic economic restructuring and to expand domestic demand, especially raise the domestic consumption rate, hasten the growth of modern agriculture, retool the manufacturing sector and foster the development of strategic new industries, so as to set up the service-oriented modern industrial setup.

With regard to the greenChina blueprint, it is essential to speed up the development of a resources-saving and environment-friendly society, expand the green economy, spur the green consumption and build up ecological civilization. The "proposal" requires that the per-unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission rate and the total discharge of major pollutants should drop and the ecological, environmental quality improve further, and the construction of disaster prevention and mitigation system be enhanced.

On the common prosperity blueprint, in order to "enrich people" or make all people better off as the core goal, efforts should be taken for the simultaneous growth of residents' income and economy, to the simultaneous growth of labor compensation and labor productivity, to realize the common prosperity of different income groups, create a more fair and just society, raise the income of the low-paid, continue to expand the ranks of low-income groups, cut the number of those in need, work for the common prosperity in urban and rural areas and different regions with an enhanced coordinative endeavors.

Concerning the social development blueprint, China will enter a global stage with a high-level social development (i.e. the human development index or HDI higher than 0.8), and the people's education and health condition standards and other quality indicators will be up to the front-line developing nations with booming cultural undertakings and great cultural development and further improvement of people's rights and interests.

For the reform & opening-up blueprint, the socialist market economic setup should be upheld and improved, the reform of taxation and finances, factor cost and monopoly industries stepped up, the political restructuring pressed ahead vigorously and steadily, reform on the cultural and social systems hastened, and government capacity building and administrative efficiency be further transformed or improved.

Moreover, efforts should be to go on expanding openness to the world in breadth and depth, to shape the mutual, win-win pattern and to take an active part in global economic management and regional cooperation, so as to spur the economic growth, reform, innovation and the development of a harmonious world and the construction of the green world with lasting peace and common prosperity.

In a nutshell, the goals of the 12th Five-Year Program for China's Economic and Social Development (2011-2015) are related so closely to the theme of the times, its policy guidelines is crystal-clear and related policy measures viable. Looking forward to the 12th Five-Year Program,China will surely add a new brilliant chapter to its scientific development in the next five years.

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