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Sino-African cooperation benefits all people of Africa

November 24, 2010 People's Daily Online  Senegal is one of China's key partners in Africa and the Senegalese Democratic Party (SDP) worked closely with government in pushing forward political cooperation between the two countries since the resumption of diplomatic ties, said Mamadou Lamine Ba, Senegal's minister for international and humanitarian affairs during an exclusive interview with People's Daily in Beijing on Nov. 23.

He said political parties were the main force in national policymaking. In recent years, SDP and the Communist Party of China (CPC) witnessed frequent exchanges, pushing forward the implementation of Sino-Africa Summit and a series of projects. He said the close exchanges enhanced the mutual understanding and cemented the traditional friendship.

The reforms inChina have led to brilliant achievements that drew global admiration and China's development experiences over the past decades set a good example for Senegal, he added.

On the prospect of further cooperation, he said the two parties and two countries should consolidate exchanges and cooperation, and he said he hopes to send more youth to study inChina. Senegalese youth could have personal experience of the outstanding achievement of China's reform and opening up. Meanwhile, he extended invitations to more Chinese experts and scholars of various field to Senegal, bringing more Chinese experiences and technology to Africa.

"It is beneficial for CPC cadres to go toParty School for training on a regular basis. I hope SDP can also have that this kind of mechanism. Additionally, China achieved political stability and economic development, and Senegal is eager to learn from China in this respect," he added.

Meanwhile, he also hoped to forge broader cooperation in governance and environmental protection withChina.

In response to the claims of "Neocolonialism" leveled by some Western media againstChina, he said Africa had gained independence and China's assistance to Africa tallied with Africa's interests. He said China, a country full of potential, can forge win-win cooperation with Africa.

China's projects are of good quality and high efficiency. It only took China two years to complete a project that usually took other countries 20 years. Sino-African cooperation, being pragmatic and efficient, has won recognition and respect from people of Africa.

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